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Globalsat GS111 Atualização USB 2019 To 2022

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Globalsat GS111 Atualização USB 2019 To 2022

Globalsat GS111 Atualização USB 2019 To 2022

This version is:

Update to allow you to include the Artemis purchased code . Upgrade your receiver using the update just in case you buy the code.
This model works normally with the IKS channels SDs . Update and purchase this code just if intend to enable HD channels ;
IKS on system;
Channels HDs and SDs ON;
Gshare server .

Procedure for updating:

Download the update via the download link provided below, and update your device in the normal way (Upgrade via USB);
Locate the serial number (SN) within: Menu > Settings > About STB
On your laptop or mobile phone, visit and click on RECHARGE in the upper-right corner.
On the next tab, type in Your serial Number (SN) or your recharge code , and click REGARGE.
Take a couple of minutes, then restart your device in order to synchronize your device with server 10. You are now ready!

Globalsat G-111 Pro Full HD Specifications

IPTV – Wi-Fi FTA *Brand new and guaranteed Fast Delivery Brand Globalsat

MODEL GSM111 Pro BLACK LED-backlit


Voltage 100-240 V 50/60 Hz. USB Interface –

2 Tuner HDMI with Ethernet port Audio – – RS232 Full HD Video Resolution H.265 Format for HEVC Video Compresssion

GRASS WEIGHT (g) 534 PACKAGE DIMESIONS (cm) 20.9 8.8 x 13.4 8.8 13.4 13.4 Included Power Supply Remote Control HDMI Cable

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